no freaking t-shirt



no freaking t-shirt


no freaking Dance Policy

1. No inappropriate or suggestive dancing will be allowed.
2. No simulated sex acts (including, but not limited to: genital touching or pelvic thrusting)
3. No bending over or squatting down to the floor.
4. All students must be upright at all times with both feet on the floor.
5. No straddling legs or wrapping legs around another person or object.
6. No front to back dancing.
7. No “sandwiches.”
8. No lap dancing
9. No dancing, which could cause harm to one’s self or others, i.e. “slam dancing” or “moshing.” is a subsidiary of Pegleg Entertainment:

PEGLEG ENTERTAINMENT specializes in the high school market and
has been providing quality DJs for high school events in Southern
California since 1989. In the fall of 2003, PEGLEG ENTERTAINMENT
officially launched its Northern California division.

PEGLEG ENTERTAINMENT will provide your school with the latest
in sound, lighting, and video. Our DJs spin all of the latest music on
vinyl and CD. Our DJs specialize in the latest hip hop, R&B, alternative,
trance, and Latin music. All of the music we play is edited for the
high school market. We have our own production studio where we are
able to re-edit the “radio edits”, providing your school with the music
your students want, with lyrics that are acceptable.